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Welcome, here and use the first-ever Pubg.4All.Cool Hack Generator. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds known as Pubg in short. Pubg Mobile becoming more popular day-by-day & around more than 100 million users downloaded this game on their mobile. There so many interesting facts about Pubg Mobile but here we are introducing you to a Pubg Mobile Online Generator.

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Right now we are writing about the Pubg Mobile BP & UC Hack and you can get it all using our Pubg Mobile Official Generator. You can use it in just a simple way by visiting URL and you have to provide some basic details of your game. So let’s know more about the Pubg Mobile Game:

About Pubg Mobile

Pubg is an online multiplayer battle royale free to play mobile game that is developed & published by Pubg Corporation from South Korean video game company Bluehole.  The game is inspired by 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale & the game based on previous mods “PlayerUnknown”.

100 Players Parachute land on the island, find the weapons & kill other players. Players should have to play in the safe area & the circle will small slowly. Be safe from the red zone otherwise, the player will face the air attacks. The player or team has to survive until the end & they will win the battle.

The battleground was first released for Microsoft Windows via steam’s early access beta version in March 2017. The full version of the game was released in December 2017. The game was also released for Microsoft Studio & Xbox one & It officially released in September 2018 for Android & IOS Device. In addition, launched for Playstation 4.

It is the best selling & most played video games of all time. Sold over 50 million copies worldwide by June 2018, with 400 million players in total when it was launched for mobile 😀

Battleground received positive reviews from users, who found something new on it. The gameplay is extremely awesome & unique from other games. The game also received several games of the year nomination & Pubg Corporation arranged some tournaments worldwide. The game is also been banned in some countries for violation & addictive to young players.

Pubg Mobile Gameplay


Pubg is a player vs player online shooter game in which player has to battle with up to 100 players. A player can choose the Solo, Duo, & Squad mode in Pubg Mobile Game. There are several types of maps like Enrangle, Miramar, etc. There is Zombies mode available where you need to face some zombies with opponent players, you can also be infected from zombies.  The last player or team alive will win the battle royale.

The match starts with parachuting is one of the four maps with areas of approx 8×8 kilometers, 6×6 kilometers, & 4×4 kilometers in size. The player has to determine the best area or place to land with a team or alone. They will land with customized clothes only & find weapons from home and kill opponents. You can be looted if you were killed by another squad or player.

A player can choose first-person & third-person perspective each having own advantages & disadvantages. very few minutes, a playable area of the map begin to shrink down from the random location. If you are playing from outside the circle will damage your life. So play in the safe area only.

During the game, random areas of the map highlighted with red & bombed, in both cases, players are warned a few minutes before this event. A Player has to locate a safe area before this event, if you are in the building or house then you are safe from bombed attack.

It will be enough for you if you are reading the gameplay of this game. Let’s go to the next point:


  1. Free on Mobile – Pubg Mobile is free to play the game & in some parts, you have to purchase things like Guns Skins, Clothes, & UC
  2. Massive Battle Maps – There are different-different maps available in this game that you can choose to play battle royale.
  3. Depth & Variety – From 100 players battle to payload mode is available in Pubg Mobile & There are other varieties available in the game.
  4. Always Growing – Pubg is growing day-by-day & several updates come with awesome features that you can see in the game area.

These are the main features of the Pubg Mobile if you wanna more features then install & play the game.

Basic Requirements

  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Pubg Mobile recommended system requirements is Android 5.1.1 with 2 GB ram.

How to Use Pubg UC & BP Generator? hack

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  • Complete Tasks
  • Done

Note: After completing these steps, you have to wait for half an hour & your selected items will add your account automatically.

These are the basic steps to Get Unlimited UC & BP. Just follow seven basic steps.


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Method to Hack Pubg Mobile UC & BP?


There isn’t any possibility to Hack Pubg Mobile UC & BP because their server is secured from hackers. You can’t try any hack tricks on it. There are MOD versions is available on the internet but they can harm your device & also can damage. Your account could be banned from the admin of the game so beware from it.

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Is This Official Pubg Mobile UC & BP Generator?


Yes, this is the Official Pubg Mobile UC & BP Generator because our server is directly connected to the official server of the Pubg Mobile Game. There are too many generators available on the internet but they all are fake & they are stealing your personal data of the game.

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No Software or App Download


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Why Human Verification?


Security is a myth so that’s why we have added this security method in our online generator. It is the process of 10 to 15 minutes then you able to generate unlimited BP & UC. Maybe you feel annoying but you have to complete these tasks to add BP & UC into your account.

There are two types of human verification available like download apps or complete a survey. It is not a tough method to you so peacefully go with this security method. Basically we are protected from hackers & no one can hack our server if we are using “Human Verification” in this online generator. If you face any issue in Pubg.4All.Cool Hack so contacts us.Pubg mobile uc hacks